"Jeff is an accomplished pianist not only good at playing music but also good at sharing his passion of music with young kids. My 7 year old daughter and 12 year old son both take lessons from him for over a year and they’ve grown so much. Jeff taught my daughter who didn’t know how to read music piano and made it fun for her and she came home playing ‘Mary has a little lamb’ from first lesson. She’s usually super shy and quiet but it only took her two lessons to warm up to him. My son who knew music from playing clarinet took to piano in no time and now can play jazz and Mozart. Jeff composes his own music so he can make even complicated pieces simple for them to play and when covid hit and we couldn’t take lesson in person, he had three different camera working so kids can continue to learn from home. I cannot say enough about how flexible he is and eat a great teacher he had been. Highly recommend him for all levels and ages." -- Jiha S. (Google Review)

     "Jeff has been teaching my daughter for almost a year now. His methods are far superior to those in traditional method books. He is an incredible musician and we have seen great progress in my daughter's playing ability!" -- Jason H. (Google Review)

     "I have 2 kids, and they attend his lessons since over 3 years. They are on different levels and he's able to adapt to their skill sets easily. This is especially helpful because we as parents can't help teach them play the piano. They need to learn everything from him. He's patient with them, when they struggle with a piece. During the COVID lockdown, we switched to online lessons. That worked out great, too. So, there is no need to have the lessons in his studio, although my kids would prefer the lessons in person. I think, Jeff is an excellent choice for a piano teacher. I can only highly recommend him!" -- Udo T. (Google Review)

     "Jeff Baker is an excellent piano teacher! My two kids have been taking lessons with Jeff for a few years, and they always look forward to and enjoy their lessons. Jeff does a great job of communicating with the kids and finding ways to interest them in the music they select. He structures the kids lessons and music to their unique abilities and pace. We moved from the area a year ago, and after trying other instructors, we decided to try remote lessons with Jeff; it’s been a complete success! Lastly, I know he also works with adults who are interested in learning piano. I highly recommend Jeff for piano lessons."

 -- Laura L. (Google Review)

     "Jeff takes the time to explain the lesson to my son thoroughly. He is extremely knowledgeable, talented, and patient. My son has enjoyed every lesson with Jeff, whether in person or online. I highly recommend Jeff for a piano lesson for any age." -- Lucy O. (Google Review)

     "Jeff has a gift for teaching and that is particularly so with the beginning piano player. His focus on rhythm and physical interaction with the piano guides the beginner past many pitfalls. He offers detailed, technique videos of the pieces under study allowing the student to view working pieces from critical angles. It is obvious that Jeff loves what he does and strives in his profession. Jeff offers high quality, flexible scheduling at a competitive cost. Highly recommend." -- Gretchen M. (Google Review)

     "Both my sons take piano lessons with Jeff, he is simply incredible and extremely gifted. My older son had years of formal instruction in a well know studio when he expressed he was getting bored and felt uninspired with piano, I encouraged him to try a new teacher before giving it up. I found Jeff through a google search and we did a free consult, within 10 minutes I knew that we found the right person bring him to the next level and spark his passion again! My older son loved the lessons so much he encouraged my younger son to give Jeff a try, within a few minutes we had another budding piano player in our family! Jeff engages both of them very differently, they each have different levels of experience, he knows how to keep each of them excited, inspired, and motivated whether a beginner or advanced. He is a true professional and gives so much to his students!" -- Debra H. (Google Review)

     "I have been with Jeff for over two years now and I am still learning new things everyday! From my experience, there’s no better piano teacher!" -Liam H. (Google Review)

     "I have been seeing Jeff for about eight weeks and am totally delighted with the results I am experiencing. Each week, after I play my selections for Jeff, he goes to his computer and mysteriously prints out a new selection. Once I practice that selection, it seems that all my selections have been magically transformed to another level. I recently turned 70 and to gain some proficiency at the piano has been on my bucket list for quite some time. My joy at my improvement has only been exceeded by my wife's recent comment, "What are you playing, it sounds so beautiful!". -- Michael B.

     "After studying piano for several years with a teacher who focused on music theory, I had attained a high level of theoretical knowledge, but still couldn't play the piano well. I had a friend whose son had studied with Jeff and was able to play professionally. When I started with Jeff, I told him that I wanted to focus on technique and play 'pretty" music. We did just that, with him arranging songs that fit my level, customized for me. I had another problem, I spend five months a year in California, and was unable to find a suitable teacher. Jeff used his considerable computer expertise to set up our lessons on-line (Skype & Facetime). Those lessons are as good as the ones I take at his studio. Working with Jeff opened the door to a greater appreciation of classical music, and knowledge of the great composers. We also did Pop, Rock and Jazz tunes. After all this time I have yet to outpace his teaching skills. Jeff specializes in teaching youngsters, but also has great success with seniors, like myself. I highly recommend him for students at all levels." -- Jack E.

     "Jeff is a very special teacher. He immediately "clicked" with my skeptical son, finding the types of pieces he'd enjoy, and made the lessons fun. Jeff goes out of his way to take an interest in his students, attending their special events and even making CD's of them playing to submit with college applications. He is one of a kind!" -- Peggy K.

     "Jeff has been my teacher for two years now and he was able to pinpoint my faults in the first lesson. I don't think you'll find a better teacher on Long Island. He guides me through all aspects of music, from theory to composition to music appreciation. He teaches my daughter now, and she's learned more with him this past year than I was ever able to teach her." -- Janet O.

     "I have an 8 year old daughter that was learning Piano and I have sensed pretty quickly that she is talented and needs the proper guidance. We looked around for a teacher that can take her to the next level. I found Jeff and today, a year later – I can really notice the difference. He has his way with kids and is capable of challenging them at the same time. Strongly recommend!" -- Deborah L.

     "Jeff Baker has been my daughter's piano teacher since she was 8 years old. She is now a senior in high school and only wishes that she had more time for piano. Regardless, we are so thankful that she has such a lasting, positive connection to the piano and we owe that to Jeff. There a million words to describe Jeff. The ones that stick out the most are patient, encouraging, flexible, warm and enthusiastic. I highly recommend him!" -- Guy S.

     "My six year old started lessons with Jeff a few months ago. She always practices without me nagging her to do so only because Jeff is a great motivator! She has learned a lot already in such a short amount of time. Now all her sisters want to take lessons too!" -- Jennifer P.

     "Jeff is a smart and talented musician who is very enthusiastic.He enjoys teaching children how to play the piano . He has a positive attitude and encourages every student to feel that he or she could become the next Mozart ." -- Suzanne C.

     "My kids love Jeff. He really inspires them to learn and practice. He makes piano fun, and they really look forward to their lessons. He does a great job preparing the kids for NYSSMA. He is very organized and very accommodating for busy schedules." -- Liz R.

     "Words can't describe what a wonderful teacher Jeff has been for our son! His approach has incorporated just the right complement of theory, classical and popular music. For a 12-year old boy to sit at the piano 7 days a week without prompting is a testament to the enthusiasm Jeff instills in his students!!!" -- Susan B.

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