Frequently Asked Questions

• What age should one start piano lessons?

One can start at any age. Six to seven years old is a good starting age in general. Younger than 6 is very dependent on the individual student. For young students, a basic reading ability is particularly helpful. 

• What style do you teach?

First, I teach all the basics which are “non-stylistic”. However, as the basics become absorbed, I use all styles - classical, show music, jazz/swing and pop. Of course, developing an advanced technique requires studying the classics by the masters of the piano

• I have a keyboard. Do I really need a piano?

Yes. Playing the piano is physical. Digital keyboards (unless they have weighted keys) and synthesizers do not have the proper key weight and response so as to develop a proper piano technique. I, of course, will gladly help to find and select a proper instrument for you at no charge.

• How often are the lessons?

Lessons are once a week during the 43-week school year and optional (but recommended) during the 9 weeks of summer. I try to schedule a convenient time for everyone and I make every effort to make-up any missed lessons sooner than later.

• Is there anything I should know before taking piano lessons?

Only that you want to learn to play the piano and learn the language of music. While I take on any and all students regardless of their past experience, I consider beginners to be one of my specialties.

• Do you come to the home?

No. Like a doctor or dentist, I need all of my tools which are at my fingertips in my studio. These include a second grand piano and a computer filled with personal arrangements developed over many years of teaching. Also, with my usually large student roster, I simply don't have the time to travel to lessons. I am also available for online lessons when they are more convenient.



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